Alpha Lab joins Worship Central Tour

Wednesday 27 March, 2013
Alpha Lab joins Worship Central tour in seven locations in England and Scotland

Last week saw Worship Central and Alpha Lab tour the UK together for the first time.

About 280 young leaders attended the new Alpha Lab events in Southampton, Bristol, Newcastle, Cambridge, Manchester, Sheffield and Edinburgh (the Belfast date had to be cancelled because of bad weather).

Tim May, Head of Alpha Lab said of the first tour: ‘It was great to meet inspiring young leaders and be able to visualize what could be – a generation of leaders, empowered to reach and convey Jesus to their friends.’

Cody Kettner who attended Alpha Lab in Newcastle said: ‘I had no experience or even knowledge of alpha before the alpha lab and it’s something now that I am very excited about… I left feeling spiritually filled, motivated, and with a desire to do something with that.’

Each evening the Worship Central team performed songs from their new album ‘Let it be known’ to packed venues.

Emily Spademan tweeted: ‘Home from Worship Central Tour and Alpha Lab excited, re-energised and ready to get my dream back on.'

The next step for Alpha Lab after the tour is to set up permanent local labs with the people they met. Alpha Labs will be gatherings of innovative young leaders applying Alpha to their context - learning from and supporting one another.

To watch videos of the events go here.